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Little Heroes

The conflict in Syria has now lasted for five years and no end is in sight. A new sectarianism, combined with a brand of fundamentalist Islam that despises diversity, has resulted in mass displacement within the communities of Syria. Many have left Syria, possibly forever, while hundreds of thousands have moved to comparatively safer areas within Syria. Those within Syria have gone to stay with family and friends, they have been taken in by churches if they are Christian, or they have ended up in refugee camps.

A great deal is being done by nations and charities around the world to help those in the refugee camps.

But we wanted to help those outside the refugee camps who are almost invisible to the outside world. In particular, we want to help the children of one of the most persecuted minorities in the Middle East: the Christians.

Thousands of Christian children have been taken by their families away from their homes and from everything they knew. These children must try to make a new life in their new home. But they are scared, they have lost hope and they see no future for themselves. 

Our Little Heroes programme has already helped more than 1,200 displaced children in Syria to give them a new hope and a new energy to live their life without fear. This enables them to build new bridges of respect and understanding with children of other faiths that they meet in their new homes and schools. In a very meaningful way, these children have become little Peacemakers.

In 2017, we shall be working with over 1,250 displaced and local children across Syria through a series of Little Heroes programmes including, for the very first time, 100 children in Aleppo, that most war-torn of cities.

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